My favorite stretch of coastline

Corton, on the East Coast, between Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth is a place I have visited since childhood. Sadly over the years this once long and wide sandy beach has gradually been eroded. During a holiday in September 2000 I took one of my early morning walks along the beach and found what appeared at the time to be part of a well, I photographed this construction and thought nothing more of this until recently. I found a site on the web that had old maps covering most of the country and I located the map for Corton dated 1888-1913. The ordnance survey map was to the scale of 6″ to 1 mile and it showed the former cottages that use to be on the cliff top. In the rear garden the survey map showed a well (arrowed in red on the map extract) and what I had seen and photographed in 2000 was the base of it. This former relic of the past has since been lost under tons of granite blocks.                                                                                                                         CORTON WELL (1888-1913) - Copy

Ordnance Survey map of Baker’s Score and cottages.

025_22A Here is my photograph of the well base.

028_25A Baker’s Score in September 2000, the well base was at the end of the sea wall.

DSCF9813  The ramp access to the beach collapsed and was replaced by new coastal defence works, granite blocks now cover the base of the well.