Airgraph from my Father to my Mother

Here is a letter my father posted to my mother on 2oth June 1944.  My father was stationed in East Africa during WW2. It was photographed, reduced in size, and printed on photographic paper to save weight and space.


The letter reads……

My Darling Queenie,                                                                                                                           Tonight is Saturday and as per usual I’m staying in so for something to do I’ve tried an experiment, so let me know if it’s come out alright. It’s a sketch I’m taken from the large one I’ve drawn of you. I hope you like it as I’ve spent a pleasant hour drawing it, with a glass of lemonade (not beer) to help me. Well darling I shall be writing an air letter tomorrow, which will probably arrive first so until then all the best of luck, wishes and all my love. I remain yours always Joe xxx