Army Life 1943 -1944

My late father Joe Pharo served in the East Surrey Regiment in Kenya & Nairobi, South Africa, during WW2. He was based at a large army supply depot and was away from any wartime action. Dad is on the far left of the group.


He enjoyed drawing cartoons and these are the ones he drew to show what life in the army was like for himself and his colleagues.

ARMY (1)

Dinner is served.

ARMY (2)

Wash-House Capers.

ARMY (3)

A Cook house in the rainy season.

ARMY (4)

Playing Housey Housey (Bingo) in their spare time.

ARMY (5)

Celebrating Boxing Day 1943.

ARMY (6)

What price Africa.

A picture speaks a thousand words. These drawings give a wonderful insight of life in the army, hope you enjoyed looking at my Fathers cartoons.




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