Day Trip to Brighton – Athina B

On Monday 21st January 1980 the merchant ship ‘Athina B’ ran aground on Brighton beach due to engine failure in bad weather. The following photographs were taken during a day trip to this South Coast resort on Saturday 26th January 1980. We had a trouble free journey on the A23 and parked on the Western Promenade near West Pier.                                                                                                                            Brighton (Athina B (2)As you can see by this photo it was a bright sunny day with many sightseers making their way to the eastern end of the promenade where the Athina B had beached.                                                                        Brighton (Athina B (3)All the beachside cafe were open including the seafront Volk’s Electric Railway to cash in on the large number of sightseers. It was more like a Summer Bank Holiday rather than a winter’s day in January.                Brighton (Athina B (5) My parents with the Athina B in the background.                                         Brighton (Athina B (10)The crowds viewing the ship.                                                                                Brighton (Athina B (15)A local artist recording the event.                                                                        Brighton (Athina B (18)The crowds viewing the wreck from the middle promenade.                     Brighton (Athina B (19)Making our way back to the car along with the many hundreds who enjoyed this unexpected day out in the winter sunshine.


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