Not the main Subject

Sometimes it’s not the subject matter in the foreground, it is what is captured in the background.


This photo (above) was taken on 22nd February 1937 in Whitechapel High Street to record water main improvement works but the information in the background is just as interesting. Look at the enlarged details below.


This shows Mr. N. Steingold Diamond Merchants shop window in great detail.


And this shows Mr. W. E. Humphries shop window, corsets for sale, with price shown 4s 11d and 6s 11d (that would be 25p & 35p).

The photo below, taken 31st August 1959 shows water main diversion works in Wandsworth High Street.

65 wandsworth high street 1959 001

Now take a closer look at the advertising board in the background.


After 60 years we still have a break with a Kit Kat.

And finally this shows the head office of the Metropolitan Water Board near the Angel Islington. Taken during the First World War on 11th January 1915.


Now look at the enlarged detail below showing the Wartime army recruitment posters.

Fall In

Follow the Flag and Fall In.

So dear reader next time you view a photograph take a second look, you may find an interesting item of social history. Bye for now….keep you eyes peeled !

Scans from original Metropolitan Water Board Photographs.



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