Tribute to Variety Acts in the 1950’s

When a house is cleared the furniture sometimes ends up in a second hand shop. All that remains of a past life are a few photographs tossed in a drawer. I was able a purchase those few discarded photographs from such a shop. The former house owner was a lady by the name of Ann Boon. She had a few photographs of stage acts of the 1950’s and my guess is that she also performed on the stage but I have been unable to trace any information about her on the internet.                                                                                                 Ann Boon                                                                                                      Here is a photograph of her from the 1950’s, the other photographs are the act’s she probably performed with, three have been autographed.                                                                       Freddie Sales (Comedian)                                                                                                      Freddie Sales was born on 27th November 1920 in Hull, Humberside. He was an actor and writer who appeared in Variety Bandbox, also The Top Hat (1950). Known for Educating Archie (1958), and Dick Emery’s Comedy Hour (1979). He died on 15th November 1994.           Larry Jay (Comedian)

Larry was in the Comedy Band, Dr Crock & His Crackpots. He was the Main Comedian in the Band for over 20 years.                                                                                                                              Walthon & Dorraine (Comedy & Balancing Act)                                                                                                         Walthon & Dorraine (Comedy & Balancing Act).  After working in Australia they came to Britain in 1950 and signed up with Lew and Leslie Grade appearing with such stars as Laurel & Hardy, Max Miller, Kay Star, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. They also appeared with Billy Cotton, Dickie Valentine, Norman Vaughan and many others.                                       Pharos and Marina (Eddie Pharos & Enid Phillips) (Thought reading act 1950's)

Pharos and Marina (Eddie Pharos & Enid Phillips),a thought reading act in the 1950’s.           Magician (unknown)                                                                                                           And finally a Magician, have no name or information. That completes my photograph’s. I would welcome any additional information you could provide. I have no doubt that these performers inspired many during their time on the stage and this is now my tribute to them.











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