More than a postcard

Paris, St. Denis (1)

Just a general view of Paris….until you read the message on the other side.

Paris, St. Denis (2)

An eyewitness account of the start of the First World War…the card reads;

Isleworth, Sunday 2nd August 1914.

Had to fly from here last evening, arrived home 7.30 this morning.                                         The scenes at Paris were heart rendering last evening, quite a panic.                                         So sorry about your papers, hope you are keeping well,                                                                  Its damp so take care.

Why ‘Heart Rendering’ scenes ?  Why ‘Panic’ ?                                                                                    It was the start of WW1.

On Saturday 1st August in at 4pm in France, the order for mobilisation was issued, though President Poincaré said it was a precaution and that a peaceful outcome might still be attainable. Posters appeared on the streets of Paris: General Mobilization. The First Day of Engagement is Sunday 2nd August.

So dear reader, not just another postcard but written testimony of how this news affected the population of Paris.


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